Window Trends For Your Texas Hill Country Home Architects shift through an array of window options to give clients the perfect element within their architectural design. Many variables are taken into account when selecting windows during the design development phase based on style, cost, and what best fits the design aesthetic. In more contemporary style [...]
The Budgeting Process For Building a Custom Home Your architecturally designed plans are the literal blueprint your builder uses to build your dream home. They also serve as the critical instrument for your builder to create your home's budget. The plans created by your architect, in large part, determine the price of your home along [...]
The Galle’s Custom Home Build "We always knew we wanted to live in the Hill Country." - Ed and Carolyn Galle The Galles’ bought beautiful property in the Texas Hill Country because they were attracted to the laid-back lifestyle and beautiful landscape.   Ed created many memories at his parents' home near Lake Travis, a beautiful [...]
When meeting to discuss a custom home project, we inevitably get asked the following question: "How much do you charge per square foot to build a house?"   The answer is straightforward. "Let's talk to your Architect and discuss your property." Custom home construction costs are specific to your unique home design and the site conditions [...]

June 26, 2021


Five Reclaimed Ceiling Trends For Your Texas Hill Country Home There are many steps that an architect and homeowner will take to create "the dream home." And during the design development phase, material selection for internal and external finishes are considered. Due to the popularity of reclaimed wood, primarily since the start of the green [...]

May 13, 2021


Top 9 Kitchen Trends In 2021 Kitchen trends represent popular surfaces, textures, and appliances that we see in architecturally designed homes we build. With the kitchen being one of the essential rooms in a home, it is crucial to have a designer who can help you choose the suitable layout, materials, and appliances for your [...]