Hilltop Ranch

Located near the beautiful Hill Country towns of Wimberley and Blanco, the 6000 Square foot residence sits overlooking one of the dozen olive orchards in Texas. The clients’ goal was to modernize their existing traditional ranch-style home. The Burnette team implemented this idea by adding steel doors and large windows. The steel doors and windows maximize the views and allow for more natural light throughout the home. Cut smooth limestone was integrated with existing chopped limestone creating a strong linear dynamic and a distinct modernist touch to this elegant ranch-style home.

The design details applied to brighten the interior were smooth white walls, lightening the concrete, and whitewashing the interior Austin limestone. The contrast between the black steel and the white walls creates a warm, comfortable space through clean lines and precise design, adding charm to the new modern look.

The Douglas fir beams proved a great addition. We distressed them and bleached them to get the desired outcome. Several exterior metal options were tested on the Silo room addition. The final selection was a colored corrugated metal that gives a modern twist to an ageless form.

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