The Galle’s Custom Home Build

The Galle’s Custom Home Build

“We always knew we wanted to live in the Hill Country.”

– Ed and Carolyn Galle

The Galles’ bought beautiful property in the Texas Hill Country because they were attracted to the laid-back lifestyle and beautiful landscape.  

Ed created many memories at his parents’ home near Lake Travis, a beautiful community near Austin, TX.  As a student at the University of Texas, he visited the Hill country often.  

Experiencing such a beautiful place influenced his desire to build his forever home in Wimberley.

Like the Galles, each homeowner has a special reason to build their custom home. Lately, many empty nesters have decided to build larger homes to accommodate family and friends to make memories in the Texas Hill country.    

We know building a custom home is a big decision and a considerable investment that can take months to complete. 

It is essential to hire a team you can trust.  

The Galles’ story demonstrates the importance of the architect, builder, and client as an integrated team pursuing the same goals- A beautiful home designed to meet the needs and wants of the client. 

The Time was Right to Build

“Helping design and build my own home has been a longtime dream for me.”

– Ed Galle

The Galle’s fulfilled their dream when they purchased property in the Hill Country with two small homes, one less than 700 square feet and the other 1200 square feet.  

Living in one of the two-bedroom homes, the Galles realized that neither home was sufficient for family gatherings considering Ed was using the dining room table as a workspace and was in need of his own office. 

They needed more space. It was time to build a custom home and use the two smaller houses for guests.

Working with the Best

“We felt comfortable with his expertise. We were confident that Grady and his team would deliver what we wanted in the construction process.”

– Carolyn Galle

The Builder

The Galles wanted a local builder that could become involved as soon as possible to work closely alongside the architect for the design and construction of their home. 

After contacting Grady Burnette, the Galles knew they’d found their builder and were thrilled when Grady joined the project during the design process. When the builder collaborates with the architect during this phase, he can flag issues that could lead to increased costs early on and help the architect revise numbers as the design evolves and is refined.

The Design Manager

Amy Kennedy, Burnette Builder’s Interior Design Manager, was an integral part of the decision-making process for the interior design. 

Knowledgeable in construction engineering, finishes, and interior design, she provided a different perspective to the construction process and was invaluable in helping the Galles make crucial decisions early on in the project. 

“She was a God sent. She helped us to make sure we made selections that flowed together. She can envision what things look like in a finalized form, and that helped us tremendously.”

– Carolyn Galle

“Grady Burnette are team players and always come alongside to capture the same vision as the architect and want to make sure the construction of the design is well executed. They are good at exceeding the expectation of the architect and the clients. Working with Burnette Builders makes the process easier and enjoyable.”

– Jody Kammerer, Design Principal at Dibello Architects.

Builder and Architect

When a builder and architect work well together, it helps the design and construction process run smoothly. 

The benefits of having two dynamic firms collaborating creates a solid connection through effective communication, disagreements are minimized, and deadlines are reached. The most significant advantage of collaboration is getting all ideas and opinions on the table before the digging begins. 

Both teams know that each of their skills are vital to the construction process. By working together, they bring out the best results for the client.

Stunning Results

“We were able to establish such a great rapport with the whole team that it made everything so much easier.”

– Ed Galle

Today, Ed enjoys his home office with three huge windows that give him a stunning view of their pond and property. With a bookshelf to hold his favorite books and access to the screen porch, Ed now has a comfortable, functional office suitable for all his needs.  

Carolyn loves the open concept. She appreciates how each space is separate and allows for easy movement between rooms. It also allows more natural light to flow throughout the home unhindered. 

Ed and Carolyn say they would gladly recommend building with Grady Burnette Builders and that the company’s process, and especially its people, makes a potentially daunting undertaking far less stressful. The Galles were delighted with the way their home turned out. 

The Galles