Top 9 Kitchen Trends In 2021

Top 9 Kitchen Trends In 2021

Kitchen trends represent popular surfaces, textures, and appliances that we see in architecturally designed homes we build. With the kitchen being one of the essential rooms in a home, it is crucial to have a designer who can help you choose the suitable layout, materials, and appliances for your kitchen. One of the great things about working with Burnette Builders is we are happy to work with your designer. If you have not hired a designer, we have the privilege of having a designer in-house to meet our clients needs, both in selections and interior design, once the home is completed. This blog will cover and describe these trends providing builder insight as you consider your dream kitchen.

Painted Cabinets

Stained cabinets are still popular, but in 2021 painted cabinets are setting bold statements. Though white is still a favorite, lively color such as sage, mint, and yellow will make some inroads this year. Their darker counterparts like burgundy, black, and navy blue will make a statement as well. Still, if you are leaning toward stain cabinets for your new custom home in 2021, coffee-stained wood tones make their mark in rich colors like espresso and latte.

Paneled Appliances

Panel-ready appliances have been increasingly popular in designed kitchens. They will continue to play a role in many custom home kitchens in 2021. Panel-ready appliance creates a more personalized space by installing custom covers onto the front of the appliance, making it consistent with the rest of the cabinetry. With a sleek and sophisticated feel, this design demands attention.

Mitered edge countertops

A mitered edge on a counter surface creates a seamless edge between the top of the countertop and the second piece of stone, giving the appearance of a solid slab of stone. The countertop slab material must be expertly cut at a 45-degree angle and correctly mounted for the stone’s pattern to remain consistent. These extra-thick countertops are great focal points for kitchens. Their impressive drama and clean-style are great options for those building custom homes.

Double islands

Double islands are an on-trend look for kitchens in 2021. The move toward larger kitchens with open floor plans allows for unique features like double islands in custom homes. Having two islands are an excellent feature for those who need more space for food prep, entertaining, and additional storage. Notwithstanding twice the counter space, the islands can have a second sink or dishwasher to streamline the cooking process. While one island is used for food prep, A homeowner can utilize the other island for entertaining or eating.

Sheet-style backsplashes

Selecting the same material for your backsplash and countertops can set your kitchen apart with its functional, sleek design. Sheet backsplashes are whole, continuous sheets of slab-style material applied to walls behind sinks and stovetop areas. Unlike other tile counterparts, there are no grout lines or porous spaces that can allow moisture to seep into the wall behind it.

Sheet backsplash has many benefits. They are sophisticated and cool, and they are the easiest backsplash to clean and maintain. Another advantage of sheet backsplashes is the selection process; the surfaces’ consistency is beneficial and guarantees a perfect match and a seamless look. Sheet-style backsplashes as a 2021 trend will continue to play a role in custom kitchen design plans going forward.

Mixed Materials

One way to leverage your kitchen custom design in 2021 is with mixed materials. When done right, it creates a stunning harmonious space. The opportunities available for custom home builds are limitless. Homeowners can now mix their favorite materials, textures, colors, and patterns to create their own unique, attention-grabbing choices to express their personal style.

One of the greatest benefits of architecturally designed custom homes is the process. When done right this process revolves around the owner’s personality and lifestyle. Mixed materials in custom kitchens can differentiate space in unique ways and continue to provide refreshing alternatives to the heart of the home.


Mixing natural stone with Glass – this look is classic and beautiful; bringing these elements together creates a peaceful and dreamy look to any room. Combining Granite, Quartzite, and even Marble looks amazing- Our Dunes Series- Works perfectly for this look, 3 × 12 Flat 3 × 12 Wave 2 × 6 Stagger Joint 1-1/2 × 6 Straight Stack Arabesque Mosaic Leaves Mosaic.


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Vibrant Accents

Vibrant colors can create a mesmerizing kitchen in various ways. From kitchen islands displaying pops of color to bright colored walls or even unique pattern backsplashes, adding color throughout your kitchen is one of the top trends in 2021.

Five ways to showcase color in your kitchen:

  • Open shelving to display colorful dishes

  • Bold window treatment

  • Colorful seating (barstools, benches, and chairs)

  • Vibrant paintings

  • Dramatic color to your island topper

  • Accent wall

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is a great way to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Lighting is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty of custom spaces. Appropriate use of light draws attention to textures, colors, and forms of space, helping your architect deliver the experience possible most often available only through the process of architectural design.  From natural light to artificial light integration into your kitchen, two notable mentions continue to trend in 2021.

Pendant lights are available in varied designs, sizes, and textures. These lights hang from the ceiling, providing a sense of freedom while centralizing attention and focus where people gather and hang out in common areas like the kitchen.  Pendant lighting is admired for its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere while adding accent lighting to your kitchen.

Toe Kick lights is a type of lighting that can create balance, warmth, and depth in a room. It is known for its versatility and unexpected way of adding light to your kitchen. This source of lighting is growing increasingly popular in custom kitchens. If you want to elevate your new custom kitchen atmosphere, you might want to consider these types of lights. Plus, it’s a subtle way to provide safety lights for the midnight snacker.

Open(floating) Shelving

No more hiding your kitchen supplies in drawers and cabinets.  Open shelving has been on the rise for a while now and will continue for a few more years.  A popular feature in farmhouse kitchens and industrial kitchen styles, this type of shelving opens up space. It can be an excellent option to display colorful dinner plates and kitchenware or whatever you may collect, whether that’s pottery or vintage treasures.

There are different kinds of material you can use for your floating shelving.   From elegant glass to rustic wood, you can create a dynamic in your kitchen that expresses your style and grab your guest’s attention.


When it comes to floating shelves, the top two most sought-after that we produce are solid wood with a live edge front and the more contemporary clean box version. Trending finishes at the moment tend to be on the lighter side of the spectrum. Most of the solid wood floating shelves that we produce tend to be finished with a clear lacquer or conversion varnish to showcase the natural wood grain and color. When a wood species is used other than paint-grade, the more contemporary floating shelf versions are finished in the same fashion as the solid wood floating shelves. The majority of the floating shelves that we are constructing at present tend to be paint grade with a white or off-white finish along with the kitchens or rooms they are placed in.


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Beginning with Burnette ends in Success

From your early morning coffee to dinner with family, your kitchen should support and function in a way that is central to your custom experience. During the building phases, our designer works alongside the builder team to follow the architect’s plans to create perfect spaces for clients. By working with Burnette Builder and our interior designer, you can be sure that your home will showcase your personality and function in a way that is a compliment to your family’s lifestyle.  You are not alone in choosing surfaces, colors, textures, and appliances that close the loop on the solid design idea driving your custom home build.  Having a designer with you to make decisions is our way to come alongside our clients to keep things moving and even have fun!

Craftsmanship Beyond Reproach

At Burnette Builders, we value our clients and their confidence in us to build high-quality architecturally designed homes. For over 25 years, we’ve been honing our craft and aptitude toward the way that we achieve building the highest quality custom homes.  We understand the uniqueness of the land development, architectural and interior design, and all the complexities involved to build structurally sound homes in the hill country. 

Please speak to one of our professionals today about how we can help build your dream home. You can call us at (512)847-9040 or Contact Us for more information about Getting Started on building your custom home.

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