Crawford DeWare

Crawford was born in the charming town of Alexandria, Louisiana, but holds Jefferson, TX, nestled in Northeast Texas. As an alum of Texas Tech University class of 2007, He is a die-hard Red Raider through and through.

As operations manager, he assures us that we are following proper procedures and operations to move our jobs forward efficiently, accurately, and with proper communication with our clients and architects.

Crawford and his wife Amanda have been blessed with two wonderful children: Hudson, aged 9, and Harper, aged 7. They’ve made their nest in the beautiful city of Boerne, TX.

Crawford is not just passionate about building and architecture but also considers himself a bona fide food nerd. He has a refined palate for bourbon and is always eager to explore its different notes. He enjoys Traveling to new places and discovering new cultures.

His talented wife, Amanda is an amateur woodworker with a flair for creating abstract art pieces and a penchant for crafting exquisite furniture. Together, they make a dynamic duo, each with their unique passions and talents.

Crawford DeWare